Insurance solutions

Insurance solutions

Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc., part of Scotia Wealth Management’s team of wealth experts, complements the investment planning process by delivering valuable, innovative, insurance-based solutions that are integral to helping you build & preserve your wealth. Our team of experienced professionals employs a planning process that includes objectivity analyzing your financial situation, collaborating with your professional advisors, providing knowledgeable advice, and effectively implementing solutions.

Working with our investment professionals you can:


Insurance, at its most fundamental level, is about managing risk and protecting against future financial loss. As a key component to your financial plan, insurance solutions can protect your income and investments, address longevity issues, and more.


Diversifying your income sources can greatly enhance your income and overall financial position, during working years and in retirement.


One of the great advantages of modern technology is an increased longevity as well as allowing more people to survive once-fatal medical conditions. However, the unfortunate reality is that many survivors must bear a heavy financial burden for medical treatment, health care, and maintaining quality of life. Your health could have a greater impact on your savings than the performance of the market; fortunately, there are solutions that can help address these issues.


While assessing your plan for retirement and beyond, one element you’re likely to consider is the legacy you will leave your loved ones. The key to effective estate planning is to minimize estate tax and maximize the amount of wealth that is transferred to the next generation. Life insurance offers a unique approach in accomplishing this.

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