Investment solutions

Investment solutions

As your investment assets have grown, so have the complexity of your financial affairs. With a busy lifestyle, you may not want to directly deal with these day-to-day investment decisions. The Managed Portfolio Program presents a wealth management solution that offers the best of both worlds; the opportunity to delegate the long-term management of your investments to capable and trustworthy hands, along with the freedom to spend more of your time on family, career, and other important pursuits.

This program is intended for individuals and families who desire a high level of sophistication within an investment management solution, paired with the careful contemplation of an accredited Portfolio Manager on how to best manage your wealth. The result? A fully customized investment strategy, designed exclusively for you and your needs.

As part of this process, your Portfolio Manager:

DEVELOPS AN INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT (IPS) that articulates your specific objectives, income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations and other factors that will guide the management of your portfolio.

CONSTRUCTS A CUSTOMIZED PORTFOLIO that leverages the principles of strategic asset allocation and key asset classes such as stocks and bonds too optimize returns and manage risk in accordance with your customized IPS.

ACTIVELY MONITORS AND MANAGES YOUR PORTFOLIOby executing transactions on your behalf to seize opportunities and mitigate risks that may arise as a result of rapidly changing market conditions or changes in your personal circumstances or financial objectives.

MEETS WITH YOU ON A REGULAR BASIS to review your portfolio and ensure that your investment strategy remains clearly aligned with your needs and goals.

This service is provided by Scotia Capital Inc.