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Holmes Portfolio Management delivers a total wealth management strategy capable of closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals, always acting with integrity, discipline, and with a vast array of resources.

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We take a disciplined, long-term approach to investing while managing risk. With an engrained philosophy and proven process, we focus on establishing the optimal asset allocation, investment selection and diversification to provide the best return possible for your appropriate level of risk.

As your investment assets have grown, so have the complexity of your financial affairs. With a busy lifestyle, you may not want to directly deal with these day-to-day investment decisions. The Managed Portfolio Program presents a wealth management solution that offers the best of both worlds; the opportunity to delegate the long-term management of your investments to capable and trustworthy hands, along with the freedom to spend more of your time on family, career, and other important pursuits.

As part of this program, your Portfolio Manager:

  • Develops an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that articulates your specific objectives, income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations and other factors that will guide the management of your portfolio.
  • Constructs a customized portfolio that leverages the principles of strategic asset allocation and key asset classes such as stocks and bonds too optimize returns and manage risk in accordance with your customized IPS.
  • Actively monitors and manages your portfolio by executing transactions on your behalf to seize opportunities and mitigate risks that may arise as a result of rapidly changing market conditions or changes in your personal circumstances or financial objectives.
  • Meets with you on a regular basis to review your portfolio and ensure that your investment strategy remains clearly aligned with your needs and goals.

This program is intended for individuals and families who desire a high level of sophistication within an investment management solution, paired with the careful contemplation of an accredited Portfolio Manager on how to best manage your wealth. The result? A fully customized investment strategy, designed exclusively for you and your needs.

This service is provided by Scotia Capital Inc.

Developing a financial plan is the first key step in organizing your finances and making sure you are on the right track to meeting your investment and lifestyle objectives. A properly developed financial plan can help you set your priorities and investments accordingly.

As a business owner, you have spent a significant amount of time and resources on building your business. You understand that your personal and business finances are closely intertwined. With so much invested , transition planning should be a top priority.

As you look to the future you may be asking yourself some of these important questions in one or more of the following four key areas:

Business Continuity: Continuing to successfully run the business with the goal of eventually stepping away (Plan A).

  • What do I need to do to prepare my business for my transition?
  • Should I transition to family – consider a management buyout – or an outright sale to a third party?
  • What is the current value of my business and how can I increase it?

Contingency: Assessing potential “what ifs” to determine Plan B if Plan A is no longer appropriate or attainable.

  • How do I protect my family and my business from the risk of an untimely event or premature death?
  • How do I manage conflict among my business partners?
  • Are my personal legal documents and business agreement in alignment?

Legacy:                                                                                                                                                                                                       Distributing personal and business assets upon retirement, death, or sale of the business. Because fair doesn’t always mean equal, estate equalization can be critical for ensuring family harmony over the long-term.

  • What can I do to ensure my heirs are taken care of?
  • How can I use my wealth to provide a lasting legacy for my family and my community?
  • When is the best time and best method of transferring wealth?

Financial Security:                                                                                                                                                                                        Maintaining your current lifestyle by implementing the right strategies to extract wealth effectively from the business.

  • Am I taking advantage of potential tax planning opportunities both personally and for my business?
  • Should I be considering a sale of the business to fund my retirement?
  • How much income will I need from the business after I retire?

We understand how important the family component is in the overall success of the family business. This understanding gives insight into helping you to balance needs and align priorities for both today and in connection with a transition plan. For instance, where family members are involved, this includes exploring their potential roles and acknowledging that different children or family members will have different levels of responsibility and motivation to be involved in the business both today and going forward. This helps to address any potential family dynamic issues, which could jeopardize or complicate a transition plan.

Financial independence comes with responsibility – and the need to ensure your family’s well-being now, and in the future. It’s time to work with a team that takes a wealth management approach and aligns business and personal goals to offer you an integrated solution for your business transition.

This service is provided by Scotia Capital Inc.

Estate planning is about life – the life of your family, your loved ones, cherished causes and the peace of mind you get from helping to provide for their financial future. The estate planning process takes your financial and personal situation into account to develop a comprehensive plan that reflects your wishes. Working with the knowledgeable team of professionals can help you to develop a thorough and integrated plan that addresses your goals and objectives.

A comprehensive estate plan will define how your assets are to be distributed at your death and includes a plan for managing your affairs in the event of future incapacity. Proper planning will help ensure your wealth is efficiently transferred in accordance with your wishes, helping to provide for your family, other loved ones and/or cherished causes.

Preparing a thoughtful estate plan is one of the kindest legacies you can leave. Most adult Canadians appreciate the importance of preparing Wills and power of attorney, yet many find the idea daunting and as a result never get around to it. At Scotia Wealth Management, you benefit from our team-based approach to wealth management through all of life’s changes and opportunities. Whether you are looking to plan for your family’s financial future, for executor and trustee services, practical strategies that balance your family priorities and charitable goals, or for assistance in keeping your financial assets safe, we can help.

This service is provided by Scotiatrust.

Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc., part of Scotia Wealth Management’s team of wealth experts, complements the investment planning process by delivering valuable, innovative, insurance-based solutions that are integral to helping you build & preserve your wealth. Our team of experienced professionals employs a planning process that includes objectivity analyzing your financial situation, collaborating with your professional advisors, providing knowledgeable advice, and effectively implementing solutions.

Working with our investment professionals you can:

Manage Risk: Insurance, at its most fundamental level, is about managing risk and protecting against future financial loss. As a key component to your financial plan, insurance solutions can protect your income and investments, address longevity issues, and more.

Enhance Your Income: Diversifying your income sources can greatly enhance your income and overall financial position, during working years and in retirement.

Care for your Health: One of the great advantages of modern technology is an increased longevity as well as allowing more people to survive once-fatal medical conditions. However, the unfortunate reality is that many survivors must bear a heavy financial burden for medical treatment, health care, and maintaining quality of life. Your health could have a greater impact on your savings than the performance of the market; fortunately, there are solutions that can help address these issues.

Create a Legacy: While assessing your plan for retirement and beyond, one element you’re likely to consider is the legacy you will leave your loved ones. The key to effective estate planning is to minimize estate tax and maximize the amount of wealth that is transferred to the next generation. Life insurance offers a unique approach in accomplishing this.

This service is provided by Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

As post-secondary education is one of the largest expenses with having children, it is essential to have an effective plan in place for the funding of these costs.